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Theodore Little

Rough Draft 4 12/18/12 Charlotte (the spider) is modest because she does just not assume about her she thinks about the other animals Wilbur the pig. Charlotte is generous because she is nice to all the animals in the barn. She has very good instincts because she does things that are good when nobody tells her to. Without Charlotte all of the barn would be a world of chaos like when Templeton is being mean because he won’t get his food from Wilbur that’s she’s here right now. Later on Charlotte had babies! It made Wilbur cry but there were three baby spiders that were still there. Charlotte is the only spider on the barn. I hope you like this story because I like Charlotte’s web.

By: Theodore Little

Joe DiMaggio set a baseball record that is still standing today. He was born in 1914 and had one younger brother and 7 older brothers and sisters. Joe DiMaggio dropped out of Galileo High school at the age of 16. When Joltin’Joe played for the minor league he played for the San Francisco seals. Joe had a .340 batting average for 187 games. In the 1914 game season Joltin’Joe wounded his leg and couldn’t play baseball. Later major league people came to watch Joltin’Joe play baseball. He made it to the major league and the deal was to pay him 25.000 dollars plus five players. Joltin’Joe’s Dad was a fisher man and he wanted Joe to follow him in fishing. But instead he followed his brother Vincent DiMaggio to play baseball in San Francisco’s sandlot baseball fields. Joe DiMaggio died in 1998 one year after my sister was born. He died in his own house when he was 88. We all liked Joe DiMaggio but he just passed on that day. Joe threw up his food when he was Forty-four.

One day my dad told me about a restaurant named SONIC. So I told my sister and on the weekend my dad, sister and I went the restaurant named SONIC. He ordered both of us cherry slushy’s they were very tasty! At SONIC they serve you outside right next to where they cook the food. There are burgers, fries Slushy’s and the coldest soft drinks. When you get your burgers the flavor is the best ever! The waiters always get my order right. This restaurant is in Royal Oak not far away from my house. SONIC’S motto is feast on! They have very funny commercials. When I get fries they have little sayings on the box. So I think you should go SONIC It’s so yummy.


Mom you’re sweet,

You keep me upbeat.

Sometimes I drive you crazy,

And that’s not a maybe.

But I still love you,

And you love me too.

Love, Teddy
Cartooning by: T.J. I lead a cartooning club
I think I can cartoon anything

You’ll see you’ll see

I can draw a hero

I can draw a man made of sticks

I’ll draw anything I’ll let you pick

So join today

When you walk out the door you’ll scream