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Sophie S
About Charlotte!
Charlotte is responsible because she takes care of Wilbur’s problems. She is very kind because she saved Wilbur’s life. She is pretty because she never gets dirty so she doesn’t leave her web so she can’t get dirty. She is very honest because she said she was going to save Wilbur’s life and she did. I like Charlotte because she is very thoughtful. One day you can read that book too! It is a very great story. Do you like Charlotte? The title is Charlotte’s Web. That’s the story of Charlotte, the spider.

by Sophie S.

Booker T. Washington was born slave in 1856. He would have to work all day long shoveling the salt. It would scrape the souls of his feet and his hands would ache. He could only stop to eat some food his papa brought. He lived in Franklin county Virginia. He never saw his father. His father was white so he had a step father. But more than anything he wanted to read. One day he told his is mom he needed to read. Then one day his mom poled a book out of some towels she washes to make a little money. She didn’t know how to read but she knew it was a sing-y kind of song called the alphabet. He studied the symbols even thou is hands hurt. He went out to find the news paper man. When he found him he acted what the symbols meant. The man told him what sounds the letters made and what they wear called. Booker T. Washing wanted to know more. Booker told the man what his name was. The man wrote his name in the sand with the symbols.

He believed that people could become better by going to school. Miss Weethalle gave him lessons on public speaking. He went to a ruined down old church. He had to work full time at the coal mine which meant he had to skip some school and he had to work 4:00am to 9:00am. His first day of school was the happiest day of his life. His first teacher was Miss. Malden. Booker T. Washington believedthat people

Could become better by going to school. Booker T. Washington had totted a high school in Atlanta where Marten Luther king j. went to school. Booker had a daughter. Her name was Portia. His mother died during the summer. Friends of his gave him money to visit Queen Victoria. He had tea with the queen. Booker T. Washington married three times. One of then names was Olivia another was Fannie. Booker T. Washington was a great man. He was a great African American.

Sadly he died in 1915.

Olga’s Kitchen is a bright place. They have delicious foods. You can make your taco. They have juicy crunchy lattes moth watering chewy soft squishy meat. Finley cut soft yummy cheese. Juicy tomatoes that leak and spread in your mouth. The fries are my favorite. They are chewy crunchy soft and yummy. The apples are a little bit sour. The workers there are very cheerful. The line isn’t very long, it takes 2-5 minutes which is good. It is a very calm place. I recommend Olga’s Kitchen it is comfy, bright and have yummy foods.


Mom you are so bright,
You are so stunning,
I would prefer you more than a light,
Even if you are not funny,
You do everything right.
Mom I love you.



Dad you are so nonsensical,
You are so jubilant,
Instead of the mall I would play ball,
You are way less tremendous then an ant,
Dad I love you.