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I Love You Mom

Mom I I I love you you you,
And I know you love me too!
Sometime, sometimes, sometimes,
Youuuuuuuu say no–no-no-no -no.
Sometimes when papa’s gone,
Youuuuuuu mow mow mowwwwwww,
Because you love me so so so so so so.
And in the carrr we listen to the radio,
And stop and go…go…go…go go.
And one time at Greenfield Village
Weeeeeeeeeeeee rode a coach.
Yeah! yeah! Yeeeaaaahhh!
You love me and I love you
Love, Roman



Rough Draft#1

All about Charlotte
Motherly Charlotte said, "Go back to sleep Wilbur." Kind Charlotte helps other animals. Honest never tells a lie. Friends to all the animals. Clean because she never touches the ground. Clever because she saved Wilbur and his life.

Johnny Appleseed
Johnny was born on September 26th 1774. Johnny played in an apple orchard near his house. When he was 23 he had an idea. Settlers were coming to the U.S.A. He was planting apple trees at the same time! Johnny travelled for 46 years! He
helped the settlers by planting apple trees. For 46 years he did it. He told stories to people. He died in 1793.

4/9/13 4/11/13
By Roman Salvati
Olga’s is terrific! They have marvelous food. Olga’s haves colossal sallais. They have funny waters. They have warm pattings. Every time I’m down I want to go toOlga’skitchenagain!!