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Rough draft 3
Charlotte is a spider who is caring to the pig Wilbur. Because when Zukerman wanted to kill Wilbur Charlotte told Wilbur not to worry about getting Killed. And told Wilbur to go back to sleep Charlotte is brave because when she was going to die she did not care about dying.

My trip to Florida was great because usually my family has two drivers but this time my dad’s friend Chuck helped drive to Florida. My dad’s friend Chuck started driving first. My mom drove second. And my dad drove third. I slept twice on the trip. On April 3rd we took a trip to the beach. On the way, we drove on a long bridge in Tampa Bay. There was lots of water on both sides of the bridge. My family and I went to a beach called St. Petersburg Beach. I met six or seven people at the beach. We played football, monkey in the middle and we played catch with a beach ball. I met a guy there his name was Kayden and he was from Virginia. I told him my name was Paige, but he kept calling me Peidro. I had to correct him three times before he called me Paige.
I also collected 35 sea shells. I plan to give some of the sea shells to both of my grandmothers.
After we came from the beach, my best friend Jalen and his family came over. Jalen, Andrew and I played the WII. Andrea, my sister, watched us play the WII. We played baseball and bowling. I won baseball and Andrew won bowling.
We ate tacos, nachos and caramel cake. My sister made the cake. It was delicious.
We had a great trip. On the way back, I saw a lot of mountains in Tennessee and Kentucky. Some of the mountains had water falls. My dad rolled the windows down so we could take pictures of the mountains.