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Charlotte is a spider. She is a friend to Wilbur. He is a pig. Wilbur is in trouble. Wilbur is in trouble because Zuckerman was going to kill him. Charlotte helps Wilbur. She helps Wilbur by writing in her web. By writing “Some Pig and humble. Charlotte makes Wilbur famous. She is motherly to Wilbur. She lives in a barn with some animals. The animals are a sheep, a goose, a cow, six goslings and a rat. She makes Wilbur feel good and be radiant.

Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1880. She was a healthy child. Then something happened! She got really sick and she got a high fever. After that she became blind and deaf. She had big tantrums because she could not talk. Helen went to a school for blind and the deaf. It was called the Right Human School and it was in New York City. Helen was the first one to understand spoken words. She met a lot of famous people. She had to go to a lot of places. When Helen got older she loved to plant flowers. She could not see what she made but she loved the smell of the flowers. Helen Keller died June 1st 1963 a week before her birthday. Everybody loved Helen Keller.