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Langston H.


Charlotte is a spider
Charlotte made a web to hold her kids. That means she has good instincts. She is smart because she thought of making words in her web to save Wilbur from Zuckerman he was going to kill him for food! She is friendly because she is nice to Wilbur and the other farm animals . Charlotte is motherly because she said “go to sleep Wilbur”. She is fun cause she hangs upside down.

By: Langston

When Christopher Columbus was young, he looked sea. He loved the sea. He was the oldest kid in his family. He had one sister only. He was a Christian. When he was older he went on a boat. Sometimes he weaved with his Dad. 1time he fought pirates. A few years later he asked the king for a boat and money after 7 years the king gave him three boats so, they packed food for a year. So they left.

It took a long time to get to land some men wanted to go home Chris said 3 more days. In two days they saw land. Then he planted a flag and saw Indians that day he found this country but thought it was indes. Then he died 1506.


The way you cook

is The Best!

I love your great Pies.

You don’t take ‘em out

Too late and they’re a good size.

You are so nice

And very kind.

I love you,

Even your creative mind.
From: Langston

To: Mom

I feel crazy but not lazy
Not to make us cry
You brought stuff
For the other guy.
And you love me
Apparently you have fun with me
You’re the best out of the rest.

Ode to Pie

Oh pie I love you

I think that you are sweet.
Your better than cake
or any other treat

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