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Charlotte is humble because she does not just think about herself. Like when Zuckerman was going to kill Wilbur! She wrote in her web that Wilbur is some pig. Charlotte is a very nice spider. Charlotte has friends like Wilbur and Fern. She is a loving spider because she helps people in need. I like Charlotte because she reminds me of my mom because she says go back to sleep Wilber and my mom says go back to sleep JUSTIN.

Martin Luther king Jr was born on January 15 19 27. He liked foot ball. His father was a minister. he lived at Atlanta gorga. He lived at a twelve room house. His nick name was ml for martin Luther he liked to read a lot. When he was he was older he became a minister he also changed the law but won time some butte thro a Granada at his house. He was print also but… somebody shot him in 1968 when he died lots of people did a walk to Washington dc because he died now it’s a national holidaday.