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Hayley B


Charlotte is a spider. Charlotte the spider is almost as motherly as a real mother. She has a lot of friends. One of her friends is Fern a little girl. She has more, but the best friend that she has is Wilbur. Charlotte is humble because the she does not just think of the spider she is. Like when Zuckerman was trying to kill Wilbur. She was a helper and she helps by spelling words like some pig. Charlotte is a loving spider she helps people in need. An example of that is when Zuckerman was going to kill Wilbur. She saved his life by spelling words in her web like, some pig, radiant and humble. Wilbur became famous and Zuckerman decided not to Kill him. Charlotte is a life saver! She is the best spider I have ever heard of! Do you like Charlotte?

By: Hayley

Walt Disney was born in Chicago on December 5th 1901. He was one of five children. Walt moved to many places like Marceline, Missouri. When Walt was in class, he liked being class clown. Walt lived on a farm with his family. He moved to Kansas City. In 1917 Walt’s father Elias moved his family back to Chicago. Walt would attend night courses at the Chicago art Institute. He also became a cartoonist for the school newspapers and movies. Walt moved back to Kansas City. He got a job at the animation studio. He hired a few friends. Then he thought, “Don’t most movies get filmed in Hollywood?” So Walt took his friends and went to Hollywood. In Hollywood Walt made his first cartoon. “Steam Boat Willy”. “Steam Boat Willy” was a big hit. Willy was a mouse. Nobody knew that Willy would be Mickey Mouse. A few weeks later, Walt had big ideas for movies and stuff like that. Walt made “Snow White” and “Alice in Wonderland”. Walt also made a new animal to go with Mickey. His name was Oswald the lucky rabbit. He was a HUGE hit! Walt made the Mickey Mouse club, and came up with an idea for a theme park. He had plans, and he drew pictures. Then one day he started to build Walt Disney World. One day Walt got so mad building the theme park, he went on a vacation with his family. On the boat he got sick and his family sailed home. The day after, Walt was in the hospital. On December 15th1966 he died because of lung cancer. He did not live to see the opening of Walt Disney World. But his brother Roy took over and it is still going on.


By Hayley

Have you ever been to Outback? My favorite place to go for dinner is Outback. Whenever you walk in the door it creaks. Outback is a dinner place. The décor and atmosphere is fancy and old. It has fancy orange lights. It also has some paintings but it has many fish on the walls. Think of many paintings on the walls and lovely lights. There are many foods like the creamy, cheesy macaroni and cheese and the juicy, amazing steaks! Those are my favorite. Outback is always crowded with people BIG or small families LARGE or tiny. I think because of all the wonderful foods they have. The foods are outstanding. The waiters are very superior. The people are very pleasing. They always smile when they see a little kid or a big kid. To get your food the wait was not long. It takes like 5 minutes. That’s excellent. The waiters always ask to see if my family needs a refill. I love Outback because I love how it looks like a log cabin. That is why there is a lot of fish inside. If you ever go out to dinner I recommend you go to Outback. It is the BEST!


By: Hayley

Mommy I love you,
You always look swell,
I love you, I love you
You cook so well.

When we play Mario
You always win,
And when you win,
I love your grin!


By: Hayley

I can smell the sap,

that the trees love to spare,

And when I find the sap,

I know that they care.

The birds I love there tweeting,

Tweet, tweet, tweet,

And I think the little ants

Are so, so incredibly neat.

The tree is so, so rough,

But, I know,

That they are not that tough.

So if you take a walk

And you see a lot of Nature

Tell me pretty, pretty please,

And take a picture.


By: Hayley
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy
I love you so, so much,
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy

You make the best lunch.
When we go outside,
To kick a ball and play,you always beat me
In every kind of way.

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy
I love you so, so much,
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy
You make the best brunch.

Oh Dad, oh Dad, oh Dad,
I hope you understand,
That that you are my Daddy
And that you are my man.