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Rough draft 4 All About Charlotte The Spider

Charlotte is nice to Wilbur by saying I wont let Zuckerman kill you Wilbur . Now go back to sleep Wilbur . You have a big day tomorrow . Charlotte helps Wilber righting in her web humble so Zuckerman dose not kill Wilbur`s life I like Charlotte because she is owes happy . I like Charlotte because she is nice just like me .

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809. People called him Abe. Abe grew up on a farm. He had a little bit of school. Abe moved into an Illinois home in 1830. Abe worked many jobs, like farming and working in a store. He was very kind to everybody he knew. He thought slavery was wrong. He was killed in 1840. Abe’s body was carried in a train. Abe had many ideals to help aver people. Abe was very kind to Every Body. Abe wonted to help baron people. Abe was the 16th president of the United States. Every Body loved Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was the Grate’s president of the United

Roses are red, violets are blue.

I love them just like you.

I love you mom and I know you love me.

When you are smiling your

Cheeks turn red just like roses.

You are always fun for me,

And you are funny.

You always make me smile

A great big smile.

I love you for who you are mom.

I wouldn’t trade you for anything mom.

You make homework fun for me.

You are awesome to me.

I love you mom so much!

Love, Duncan

One day I went to Pennsylvania. On the way mom got lost so mom called Uncle Tim and got instructions and got to Tim’s house and then we played with his sun Bin. It was awesome playing with Bin. I love Bin because he is funny, really funny. Then we went to bed. I love to go to Tim’s house. The nest day we stayed at Tim’s house and maid are hone angry brad’s set. We you’d ping pong ball’s as are angry brad’s next we you’d box’s for the tower
Young Author Story

From Duncan
To Dad

I love you and you love me.
You are the best of the whole family.
You like to race and I like to race just like you.
We are the same in many different ways.
Dad, you don’t know how much I love you.
Dad, I love to go fishing with you!
Dad I love to play with you.
You’re like the world to me.
I love it when you bring me on new adventures
That’s how I want it to be!
I really want to build a go-cart with you, Dad.
We will make it big and make it fast too.
We can build it together,
Just you and me and little Joey!
Dad I love you!