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Charlotte is a spider and she is caring. Charlotte is kind because she said I won’t let Zukerman hurt you Wilbur. Charlotte put words in her web so Zuckerman won’t kill Wilbur. She acts like a mother because she makes him feel good by saying go back to sleep Wilbur. Charlotte knows she has babies and she knows that Wilbur’s going to take them. I like Charlotte because she’s loving and she put words in her web. Do you like Charlotte? I do. You will like this story when you read it.

By Alex

Betsy Ross was born in 1752 she lived in Pennsylvania. She had 16 brothers and sisters. Pennsylvania was one of the 13 colonies. Went to school not a lot of children went to school then. She went to a friend’s quaver school her thought reading and writing. When she was 12 years old she met John Ross and they dated then they got married and worked at a sewing shop then John joined the sivile war. When George Washington was not president yet he asked Betsy to sew the flag because the American colonies want to show that they were free now. That’s how Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag. She died in 1836.

Do you like California Pizza Kitchen? I do because it is fancy and I love fancy stuff like sometimes we dress up to go to dinner then go to see Santa. And theirs is a pitcher of a girl in a big pool on a float in the pool. They have excellent pizza, Shirley temples, and hot fudge Sunday’s and lemonade and they all are excellent. There food taste interesting like cheese and crust and sometimes the Shirley Temples has fizz to it. There drinks are done fast but not the pizza and salad. And how I like that restaurant is the waiters are very kind and they have excellent pizzas.

I love you,
You love me.
You’re a great
Mom to me.
You’re sweet as candy,
And make me feel dandy.
You work hard for money,
For food, like honey.
I love ou as you areLove,

Nature Nature see it all they love you and so do animals

You can see why robins sing
Cats Cats love your soul

come and play soft lovely friend

come and play peapole are waiting for you cats Nature

See Nature Nature love you all the time