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Alex C.


Charlotte is cleaver because she saved Wilbur’s life. Then she helped him because he was going to die! And the rat said “let that pig die.” I don’t care if that pig dies.
The rat is rude. Charlotte and Wilber are nice, the rat is so rude and the spider charlotte dose just thinks about her safe she thinks about other people and on the spider wade and it said that pig and she is a friends to everyone in the Wilbur and some pig are fat like Wilber and the spider is going to die and she did yes she know and then the pig was cring he was scard about if he was going to die he was so scard as a big bee our a hive and that went happend in to Charlotte web.

Helen Keller
By: Alex C
Helen Keller was born June 1st 1889.
At the age of 19 months she got sick and lost her sight and hearing. She was sick for a few days... When she was old and when she was a child she lost her hearing. She was famous because she wrote books and she was a hero
She went on travels and she learned many things. She went at a different job. She died June 1963.

By Alex C

Papa’s Pizza

My dad’s pizza place is excellent food and my dad’s place has 5 TVs at the place. It’s fun at

My dad’s place because friends help him

work. They sell some candy like gumballs

suckers and lot’s more. They have 1 office it’s

my dad’s we make pictures for my dad and he puts then in his office. I love my dad’s place

And my dad’s food is so excellent… I love my dad and we always go there and it’s far. Very far. And I know all my dad’s friends. My dad’s food is the pizza. My dad has a vegetable stand.

Like mushrooms and peperoiny. And….

Lots more I love papa’s pizzas.


You are sweet and
You smell like candy.
And when you touch me,
It feels warm,
You are very handy.
But you are soft like a bunny,
I love you like pie,
You are berry funny.
I love you,
All about Victoria

My mom told me about my sister and the first
Thing is she smell so sweet and taste good and I
Couldn’t the sound she make’s in heaven heaven and
Her skin is so soft I miss her and I love my sister

And her name is Victoria I wish she come’s back
To life I love my sister she makes me cry so much that my bed is wet . I wish she came back to life and she loved purple and pink or yellow blue and black or

Green I love love my sister I hope she is colorful oo I
Love love my sister she was beautiful when she was a
Baby and her favorite food is back beans’ food too. She
Was funny I condn’t breath I love love my sister
You are in my heart,
I hope you are mine.

Love you mommy!